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Displays are the face – the personality – of nearly every commercial electronic product available today. Whether you design, make, sell, buy, or integrate displays, knowing more about display technology is vital to giving you and your business the necessary competitive edge. In fact, if you don’t know the ins and outs of displays – how they work, which technologies are being used and why, what technologies are on board for next year – your business could suffer. Information Display is the place to go for the information you need.

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Information Display welcomes contributions that contain unique technical, manufacturing, or market research content that will interest and/or assist our readers – individuals involved in the business or research of displays. Please review our author guidelines for more details, and feel free to contact Jenny Donelan, Managing Editor, at with questions or proposals. Below is a list of 2015 editorial themes, with approximate dates for submitting article proposals.

Information Display 2015 Editorial Calendar Themes with Content Proposal Deadlines

January/February: submit story proposal by Sep. 1

Flexible Technology: Researchers are continuing to develop displays that are not only flexible, but stretchable and even capable of con­forming to surfaces such as the human body. The benefits of flexible displays include lightness and ruggedness. Flexible form factors also enable many new applications.

Wearables: Devices you can wear were one of last year’s hottest trends, and most of those devices contain displays. In this issue, we look at the logis­tics of this technology – what kinds of wearables are really viable in the market and which will come and go? What kinds of technologies need to be developed in order to advance wearables?

March/April: submit story proposal by Nov. 3

Display Week Preview: Our special preview issue offers a schedule of events for Display Week, a sneak peek at some of the most exciting papers that will be presented at the Symposium, and profiles of the winners of the 2015 SID Honors and Awards.

Applied Vision: From applications that help people with vision difficulties discern the differences between colors to displays that could correct near-sightedness without glasses, applied vision is one of the most exciting areas in displays right now.

May/June: submit story proposal by Jan. 5

Display Week Show Issue: The show issue features a special section devoted to Products on Display at the exhibition, and also profiles of the winners of the 2015 Display Industry Awards.

Automotive: Displays have become an integral part of cars, providing not only entertainment but operational cues and safety features. This is a fast-growing area of displays, with special demands for materials that are conformable and impervious to hot, cold, and moisture.

July/August : submit story proposal by Mar. 2

Interactivity, Touch, and Tracking: How we interact with displays is a fascinating and con­tinuously evolving area of display technology.

Portable: Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and more represent a major market for displays. The portable realm has special requirements, such as light weight, low power requirement, and sunlight readability.

September/October : submit story proposal by May 4

Display Week Wrap-up: Information Display’s roving reporters cover specialized technology beats at Display Week in order to inform readers of the latest and most important developments at the show.

Metrology: As displays evolve, so must the metrics used to determine their effectiveness. This issue features articles that describe the cutting edge in terms of measuring display performance.

November/December: submit story proposal by July 1

Trends in TV Technology: Our special TV issue looks at UHD and other trends that are pushing the boundaries of the home viewing experience.

Business of Displays: The business environment for displays has unique features that consequently create special challenges. This issue looks at regional, industrial, environmental, and other factors affecting display makers

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