Products on Display at Display Week 2008

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2008 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, the week of May 18. For 3 days, May 20–22, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Saint Paul, MN 651/733-3497
Booth 307

Brightness-enhancement films

3M is demonstrating how its Vikuiti optical films lower LCD energy consumption by 30% or more. On display will be a 70-W 32-in. LCD TV and a 20-W19-in. monitor that uses only two CCFL bulbs. Visitors can see both LCDs adjacent to identical models with and without Vikuiti brightness-enhancement films. The LCD TV without Vikuiti optical film requires 122 W to deliver equal brightness. The monitor without Vikuiti films requires four CCFL bulbs and 30 W to deliver the same brightness.



Methuen, MA 978/659-9379
Booth 301

Touch sensors

Touch is becoming the standard interface for mobile devices. 3M Touch Systems and MicroTouch TPC1000 touch sensors (formally known as Flex Capacitive) can help bring ideas to reality. 3M's experience in developing button, analog X,Y and multi-touch sensors can help speed new product introductions into the increasingly competitive mobile-handheld-device market. TPC1000's thin touch sensor enables sleeker device formats while index-matching capability maintains the brightness and true color of the LCDs.



Brea, CA 714/671-1800
Booth 655

Human–machine interface

The AOP-8080XT operator panel is an Intel 600-MHz/1.3-GHz processor computer that is designed to serve as a human–machine interface (HMI). It is a PC-based system with an 8.4-in. color TFT-LCD, on-board Ethernet controller, multi-COM port interfaces, and an audio controller. With a built-in CompactFlash socket, the AOP-8080XT is as compact and user friendly as a multi-function computer. In addition, its "fit anywhere" design makes it very flexible and able to be used in many different kinds of installations. It can be wall mounted, panel mounted, or DIN rail mounted.



Santa Paula, CA 805/525-5411
Booth 1123

Fully automated printing system

With the addition of the new Ekra X4 fully automated printing system, Abrisa moves into a leading position for display and bus-bar printing. This machine is now installed in our Class 100 clean-room environment to maximize our print-to-packaging efficiency and cleanliness standards. This technology works with an accuracy of ±15 μm @ 4 sigma, ensuring the highest level of precision printing.



Glen Rock, PA 717/235-7979
Booth 912

Self-wetting adhesives

Adhesives Research offers surface protection films for touch screens and flat-panel displays utilizing the company's self-wetting adhesive optical bonding technology. ARclear® 90854 and ARclear® 90684 are designed to provide temporary protection to the surface of touch screens and flat-panel-display screens in high-use, abusive, or harsh environments, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and PDAs. The adhesives can be repositioned repeatedly and are cleanly removable, even after an extended period of time and can be diecut to any size. ARclear® 90854 is supplied on a clear hard-coated film and ARclear® 90684 is supplied on an anti-glare hard-coated film.



adt GmbH
Bad Soden, Germany +49-6196-22712
Booth 101-2

Droplet-driven display technology

The innovative Droplet-Driven-Display (D3) Technology® allows for the fabrication of power-saving bistable diplays of various sizes and resolutions. adt (Advanced Display Technology Group) has developed this new display technology using electrowetting function principles. The D3-Displays® offers unique features such as variable pixel sizes of 0.1 mm up to 10 mm, paper-like optical and color properties, high reflectivity, and reflective as well as transflective structures. The total bistable characteristic in combination with the highest temperature tolerance (from <–40°C up to +100°C without any temperature control) offers benefits for various applications, even for single-pixel indicators.



Aachen, Germany +49-24-1890-9386
Booth 201-6

Thin-film deposition

Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD®) technology is an innovative technology for the thin-film deposition of small-molecule organic materials. It utilizes the advantages of gas-phase deposition, where the materials are transported to the substrate by an inert carrier gas. Aixtron combined its proprietary Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) with the OVPD® technology to accommodate mass-production requirements. In collaboration with UDC, Aixtron has developed and qualified OVPD® production tools addressing the requirements of OLED manufacturing.



Tully, NY 315/696-6676
Booth 539

LED-backlight solutions

Applied Concepts will be showcasing their turnkey-engineered LED-backlighting solutions for LCD panels ranging in size from 6.4 to 20.1 in. on the diagonal. A new line of LED-backlit LCDs, which are sunlight readable for daytime use, and also offer NVIS capability, will be introduced. These edge-lit LED solutions offer at least a 2:1 improvement over stock CCFL backlights for panels up to 18 in. on the diagonal, which means that system designers can expect to double the brightness for the same amount of power consumed.



Tempe, AZ 408/727-8936
Booth 928

Integrated technology demonstrators

General-purpose integrated technology demonstrators for the military utilizing low-power flexible-display technology, including the Soldier Flex Personal Digital Assistant (SF-PDA) produced with InHand Electronics and FDC member E Ink, and the Mission Briefer produced with FDC member General Dynamics. Both demonstrators incorporate high-performance daylight-to-moonlight–readable 3.8-in. QVGA electrophoretic displays fabricated using FDC's low-temperature a-Si:H TFT pilot-line process and E Ink's Vizplex imaging film. The combination of the intrinsically rugged low-power display with system-level electronics design and effective power management results in dramatic decreases in size, weight, and power (SWaP) compared to situational-awareness military products currently available.



Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong
Booth 856

High-dynamic-range LCDs

By combining an LED backlight with 2-D RGB-adaptive local-dimming algorithm technology, ASTRI has fabricated product prototypes with wide color gamut, high brightness (>2000 nits), high contrast (>100,000:1), and power savings. This development is targeted for LCD-TV and the public-information-display market.



Baldwin Park, CA 626/336-7001
Booth 601

Programmable video signal generator

The Astro VG-870 is the newest addition to our distinguished line of video generators. The VG-870 is a standalone 2U-sized generator with a modular design (three slots) for a variety of interface options, such as HDMI, DVI, LVDS, DisplayPort, and more. This unit supports HDMI Version 1.3a, which includes Deep Color (max 12 bit), xvYCC, LipSync, and High Bit Rate Audio. This expandability of the VG-870 will provide support of future interface and signal standards as well as future functions. The high-speed drawing processor supports Deep Color RGB (16 bit each) and ultra-high resolution up to 330 MHz with an optional upgrade.



Hsinchu, Taiwan 281/807-2630
Booth 719

In-cell multi-touch panels

AUO has launched two 4.3-in. multi-touch technologies: Voltage-Sensing and Charge-Sensing types. AUO's in-cell multi-touch technologies integrate touch-function features into the TFT-LCD manufacturing process without adding additional glass, and thus are able to retain a thickness of 2.2 mm – thinner than conventional touch-panel applications. Also, they both have superior anti-glare properties to retain proper image color saturation and readability under sunlight conditions. Targeted to enter mass production in mid-2008, the two newly introduced AUO in-cell multi-touch panels are claimed to be the world's first mass-produced in-cell multi-touch panels.



Karlsruhe, Germany +49-72-1962-6462
Booth 329


Conoscopic systems are colorimeters that capture the complete viewing-angle range in a single image. The ConoScope features a color (measurement) camera with a conoscopic lens for ultra-rapid measurement, requiring less than 1 sec to perform a full-viewing-cone measurement for luminance and color up to a viewing angle of 88°. A further benefit of this combination of color camera and conoscopic lens is the "live preview," a real-time display of the color and luminance for the complete viewing cone. Further unique features include switching time and gray-to-gray measurement using an integrated photomultiplier. The diffuse reflective illumination enables full-viewing-angle characterization of reflective displays. The unique focal-plane stage features BRDF measurement and provides an interface for spectro-radiometer connection.



Huntsville, AL 256/704-3332
Booth 354

Panel mapper

Axometrics's new high-speed AxoScan Panel Mapper (APM-60H) completely characterizes any type of LCD panel (TN, STN, VAN, IPS, OCB, etc.) up to 60 in. on the diagonal, providing measurements for cell gap, twist-angle, rubbing direction, and front and back pre-tilt angles. The APM measures the complete polarization properties (full Mueller Matrix) of the panel while adjusting the XY coordinates, azimuth angle, polar angle, and spectral wavelength. These measurements are then used by Axometrics's patented LCDView software to quickly and accurately calculate the panel's parameters. In addition to LCD panels, the polarization properties of other materials may be measured, including polarizer films and retarder films (A-plates, O-plates, and c-Plates).



Schaumburg, IL 847/230-7800
Booth 471

Shielded cables for flat displays

Axon' Cable adds shielded assemblies for LVDS interfaces to its line. Named AXOLINK®, these flat cable assemblies include DF-19 (Hirose) and FI/FI-X (JAE) connectors. Other connector types are also available. The shielding is carried out with a ground plane grounded on the connector, thus assuring a constant impedance of 100 Ω for a very stable picture transmission. These cables are able to work at up to 1 Gbit when terminated with the appropriate connectors.



Fremont, CA 510/824-3017
Booth 104

Burn-in chamber

The BigByte BB-2000 burn-in chamber provides continuous closed-loop monitoring of both temperature and humidity, providing accurate control of the internal environment. Temperature and relative humidity are measured, displayed, and controlled. Rapid heat-up and recovery times and precise humidity control are achieved with a digitally controlled dual-element ducted system. Intelligent power distribution maximizes efficiency and assures that the desired temperature is held. Low-water sensors and low-temperature alarms assure that the cabinet is performing safely.



Kreuzwertheim, Germany +49-93-4293-6228
Booth 201-7

OLED lifetime test system

The OLED Lifetime Test System (OLT) is a test system designed for advanced lifetime testing of OLEDs. Each device under test is controlled and monitored independently. This allows for the simultaneous operation of a large number of devices with maximum flexibility in test conditions. The OLT measures electrical and optical device characteristics. The most important OLED performance parameters are directly calculated. Fitting and extrapolation of the time dependence of the device characteristics is possible at any time during test. Furthermore, system calibration allows the measurment of absolute luminance and color coordinates. Each OLT is customized with respect to device size, device layout, system configuration, etc., to best match the customers' testing needs.



Tucson, AZ 520/721-0500
Booth 1000

Optical design program

BRO's ASAP(r) is the leading optical-design program combining geometrical and physical optics with full 3-D models of optical and mechanical systems. Over 20 years of continuous development allows ASAP to simulate the actual physics of more optical systems than any other program available. ASAP is the time-proven industry standard in optical software, offering optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. ASAP accurately predicts the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optic systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, medical devices, and other systems.



Holland, OH 419/868-7290
Booth 244

Dual-mode backlight

BriteView's backlight system uses a beam expander and a light guide to achieve dual-mode illumination using LEDs as the light source. In this backlight, only two LEDs are used for NVIS-mode operation. With this novel backlight system, a uniform illumi-nation is maintained even when one of the two LEDs for the NVIS-mode failed. This backlight can also provide a reasonably uniform illumination even when some of the LEDs for the day mode failed. With a single light guide to provide the dual-mode operation, this backlight is compact and highly efficient.


Milpitas, CA 408/934-3108
Booth 359

Dual display and auto controller

CMD's dual display and audio controller for wireless handsets incorporates the VESA Standard Mobile Display Digital Interface link, fully compatible with Qualcomm's MSM chipset solution. The CM5100 features a fully compliant, MDDI-based serial client, an integrated display controller with embedded memory that supports primary TFT-LCDs with resolutions up to QVGA, and secondary displays with up to QCIF+ resolution. Its unique architecture is optimized for use with today's most advanced TFT-LCD modules that feature drivers integrated directly on the display glass, and also allows the use of low-cost RAM-less drivers for non-integrated display modules.



Atherton, CA 650/575-9650
Booth 828

Polarizing beamsplitters

Casix will feature its polarizong beamsplitters, in addition to light pipes and a variety of other optical components for display-system applications. The beamsplitters are available in BK7, SF1, SF2, SF6, SF57HHT, and PBH56, or the equivalent in sizes up to 40 mm. The beamsplitters are available in a dimension tolerance of ±0.2 mm, with a surface quality of 60–40 scratch and dig. Custom prisms, optics, and glass components are also available.



Tainan, Taiwan +886-2-2545-7290 x213
Booth 619

Image-quality solution

CMO's HyperChameleon technology provides the optimal solution for the image quality of LCD TV. This novel design, which combines the signal processing and a locally dimming backlight, can achieve an ultra-high dynamic contrast (100,000:1) and extremely low power consumption (30–70% of the conventional one). By controlling the RGB color individually, the HyperChameleon can greatly enlarge the dynamic color gamut (160% of NTSC) and obviously improve the viewing-angle characteristics (omniview contrast and omniview color). The application of this technology will definitely be the most important trend in LCD technology.



Tokyo, Japan +81-3-3243-6090
Booth 268

Ink-jet inks

Chisso Corp. will introduce functional ink-jet inks. Chisso provides thermal curable polyimide ink used for printed-circuit board and semiconductor packaging. Chisso's polyimide ink, "PIN series," has a high concentration 25–60%, and excellent dielectric properties. The dielectric strength is more than 100 V/μm. Chisso also provides UV-curable ink-jet inks for etching resist, protective coat, insulating film, LCD spacers, etc. Chisso's UV-curable ink, "PMA series," is solvent-free, and features high sensitivity and high thermal resistance.



Irvine, CA 949/421-0355
Booth 552

Programmable video pattern generator

Chroma's 22293 video pattern generator (VPG) provides a total solution for multimedia tests on digital and analog displays, such as LCM monitors, LCD TVs, PDPs, and projectors. Considering product quality and cost to meet demands, the 22293 VPG was built to cover the most complete multi-media test interfaces for all standard signals output and can meet the requirements for various video tests in the industry. The 22293 supports full-HD 1080p, HDMI 1.3, HDTV, CEC, 36-bit True Color, xvYCC, and much more. It is a reliable, flexible, and a powerful solution for the users in the field of RD, production, and product inspection.



Hauppauge, NY 631/231-1246
Booth 712

Signage system

CI Lumen is introducing the Touch-Enabled All-In-One, the latest in digital sign technology. The All-In-One provides a slim-line large-format design that is only 4 in. deep, has a powerful built-in computing platform, and MicroTouch DST touch from 3M. This ultra-intelligent signage system includes an Intel dual-core processor, the Intel 945GM graphics chipset, 20-GB RAM, SATA hard drive, and XP Pro O/S. The MicroTouch DST technology enables touch performance unaffected by on-screen contaminants and moderate surface damage. The response is faster, more accurate, and far more reliable than other touch technologies and ignores static objects on the screen.



Corning, NY 607/974-4345
Booth 635

Specialty glass and ceramics

Corning will feature specialty glass and ceramics. From large-sized glass to the industry's first environmentally friendly glass substrates, Corning's contributions have been essential to the growth of the display industry. The company continues to be at the forefront of new product development for emerging technologies, such as silicon-on-glass, a low-temperature polysilicon glass composition, a hermetic sealing solution to improve OLED lifetime, strengthened cover glass for touch-screen devices and high-end portable applications, and green lasers for micro-projection devices.



Reinhardtsgrimma, Germany +49-35-0461-0263
Booth 101-3

Organic molecular evaporators

CreaPhys's organic molecular evaporators are designed for use in R&D or small-series production and may be applied in high- and ultra-high-vacuum assemblies to deposit organic molecular compounds by thermal physical vapor deposition. The temperature- and rate-controlled power supplies are available and allow, in combination with the high-grade crucibles, a highly stable and reproducible deposition process which meets the demands of advanced co-evaporation technologies. Various options such as integrated shutter or multiple-source assembly and the availability of different crucibles designed for quick and easy replacement make them a flexible tool for OLED manufacturing.



Orange, CT 203/925-8581
Booth 501

High-resolution laser inspection system

Dark Field/Jenoptik have developed and proven telecentric laser inspection systems, which deliver multiple optical channels in an optically elegant system. A single-laser scanner provides a spot of laser light that scans the film or glass, at a constant angle (telecentric scanning). All critical optical information is extracted from the transmitted and reflected beams concurrently. This means that all information extracted from the product is spatially coincident; no other system can deliver this performance. This technology has been proven in a wide array of inspection applications including brightness-enhancement films, polarizing films, etc.



Gyeonggi-do, Korea +82-19-9159-7966
Booth 1002

LCD simulation

ExpertLCD provides a complete physically based simulation environment. It can estimate not only liquid-crystal dynamics and optics but also electrical properties of liquid-crystal displays. Commercial liquid-crystal modes such as TN, IPS, FFS, MVA, ASV, PVA, and OCB can be analyzed and modeled. Recently, several functions have been developed, such as full electromagnetic solver for analyzing light such as around a black matrix, a tensor solver for OCB, full-screen simulation for multi-image, and structure emulator for real LCD fabrication.



Windach, Germany +49-8193-9900-0
Booth 148

Adhesives for the sealing of OLED displays

DELO Industrial Adhesives has recently developed highly efficient OLED sealants. OLEDs consist of a self-lighting array of semiconducting layers, which in turn consist of organic substances reacting sensitively to humidity and oxygen. Therefore, the component is encapsulated between two glass plates. For this purpose, light- or UV-curing adhesives with an extremely low permeation for oxygen and humidity are used. Furthermore, the adhesive adheres to glass and is suitable for fast and automated high-volume processes. The reason is that OLED encapsulation compounds do not require thermal postbaking but are cured by light, resulting in short processes and cost savings.



Hoersholm, Denmark +45-20-90-53-37
Booth 1035

2-D colorimeter

Delta's ICAM is a filter-based high-accuracy 2-D colorimeter that measures absolute color and luminance on both still images and moving images. Parameters such as uniformity in color and luminance, contrast ratio, color gamut, and mura effects are measured at a glance. Apart from flat-panel displays, the ICAM is useful in many display-related industries such as CCFFL, FFL, LED backlight, front and rear projection, LED-sign calibration, etc. DELTA has specialized in the design and manufacture of optical thin-film coatings. The complex filters consist of different thin layers (down to 6 nm) in one coating.



Swindon, U.K. +44-7788-104-624
Booth 1004

Series display drivers

Dialog Semiconductor will demonstrate the capabil-ities of its new SmartXtend technology that enables QVGA/WQVGA resolutions using passive-matrix OLEDs in the primary displays of mobile devices. In addition to its innovative design techniques, this new technology provides significant benefits over active-matrix OLEDs and LCDs in terms of cost, power consumption, video quality, and performance. Also on show are its driver ICs for advanced displays in ultra-low-power mobile applications. These highly integrated mixed-signal high-voltage CMOS solutions include the DA852x series, optimized for delivering high performance in a small package to support E Ink electronic-paper displays.



Morgan Hill, CA 408/779-5804
Booth 737

Harsh-environment LCD Controller

Digital View's new HE-1920 is a fully buffered multi-sync interface controller that provides analog and digital connections for large-format high-definition TFT-LCDs plus wide operating temperature and voltage ranges, heightened shock and vibration tolerance, and conformal coating for extreme environment applications. The latest in Digital View's new HE Series of COTS LCD controllers designed to comply with the strict standards required for the harsh environments encountered in military and rugged industrial applications, the HE-1920 is designed to aid manufacturers building hardened panel display systems requiring advanced capabilities such as high resolution and high definition.



San Francisco, CA 415/645-5000
Booth 753

HDR-enabled LCD

Dolby Laboratories and SIM2 Multimedia have developed a prototype high-dynamic-range (HDR) enabled LCD flat-screen display using Dolby's new light-emitting diode (LED) local-dimming technology. Dolby's HDR technologies utilize the capabilities of LED-based backlight units (BLUs) to provide outstanding contrast combined with crisp brightness to deliver picture quality that matches real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and color. SIM2 designed and developed the BLU, which drives the electronics of the LCD plus the BLU and BLU thermal management system.



Doylestown, PA 215/348-5010
Booth 259

Transparent heaters

Dontech Therma Klear transparent heaters provide the warmth necessary to extend the operating temperature of LCDs in cold environments (e.g., from 0° to below -40°C) and for the anti-fog, anti-icing, and de-icing of optics and optical displays. A Therma Klear heater is composed of an electrically conductive thin-film coating on a visually transparent substrate. When current flows across the coating, it generates heat. Dontech manufactures heaters using different types of crystalline materials (e.g., zinc sulfide or germanium), glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate substrates. Applications include avionic displays, vehicle displays, mobile computers, kiosks, and handheld devices. Custom shapes are available in sizes up to 42 in. on the diagonal.



Woodbury, MN 651/730-4090
Booth 201-5

Flat-panel inspection system

Dr. Schenk's Flat Panel Inspection System "Chess" is a high-resolution modular optical system designed for the inspection of sheet-to-sheet panels, including glass substrates, PDP glass, coated glass, color filters, OLEDs, array structures, and rear-projection screens. Chess is used worldwide in a wide range of applications for the information-display, medical, and architectural industries. A variety of resolution ranges is available to respond to customer-specific manufacturing and inspection requirements. Chess systems can be used either in-line, fully integrated into automated production lines, or off-line as stand-alone systems with integrated handling. Chess systems are accurate, highlyreliable, and maintenance-free with repeatable defect detection, fast cycle time, and real-time data processing.



Research Triangle Park, NC 1-800-284-3382
Booth 119

Thick-film metallization advancements

DuPont Microcircuit Materials will showcase the new DuPont Fodel® 8th generation (8G) photo-imageable thick-film paste that is used in the metallization of PDP front bus electrodes to achieve enhanced image quality in large-sized full-HDTVs. Made without costly ruthenium (Ru) metals, Fodel® 8G enables PDP manufacturers to compete more cost effectively with LCDs. DuPont Transfer Materials Technology (TMT) is a high-precision photolithographic patterning technology for the metallization of PDP substrates. This process allows imaging of conductor lines and spaces down to a breakthrough resolution of 20 μm.



Dublin, Ireland +353-87-298-3418
Booth 108

Reduction of laser speckle in projection displays

Dyoptyka has developed a groundbreaking solution for the reduction of laser speckle in projection displays. The technology can achieve speckle contrast ratios close to 0% with minimal light losses and very low power consumption. At SID 2008, a comprehensive evaluation kit containing all control electronics, optomechanical components, characterization data, and documentation will be introduced. The kit also contains reference designs for a variety of illumination systems (fly's eye, integrator tunnel/rod, and holographic beam shaping) for common microdisplay technologies (DMD/DLP, LCOS, and HTPS/3LCD).



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-2698-0110
Booth 1010

Touch-screen controllers

EETI specializes in touch-related solutions since 2000 and provides the most completed spectrum of product lines from a hardware and software perspective, including resistive touch-screen controllers, capacitive touch-screen controllers, surface-acoustic-wave touch-screen controllers, surface-acoustic-wave touch screens (8.4–21 in., customized), infrared touch screens, projected capacitive touch-screen controller ICs. The OS includes Windows, Linux, Mac, DOS, and QNX.



San Jose, CA 408/576-4457
Booth 819

OLED display system

Seiko Epson Corp. (Epson) is showing its new OLED display system for the first time in the U.S. at SID 2008. The new OLED display system is capable of producing "the ultimate black," and makes effective use of advanced image representation not possible with conventional flat-panel displays. Having resolved the longstanding problem of achieving long life for OLEDs, Epson has now put into operation a manufacturing line for small-scale production of the technology for practical application.



Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 343

Economical low-profile LED driver

The new Smart Force SFDE LED backlight driver from ERG is a high-efficiency driver board with an extremely low profile (< 5 mm high). It provides brightness stability over a wide input voltage (8–18 V), with external PWM dimming to 500:1. The SFDE driver board provides a plug-and-play solution with an outstanding cost/performance ratio for powering LED BLUs in LCDs up to 15 in. on the diagonal. It is compatible with virtually all OEM LED-backlit panels and can also be used with ERG's Smart Force LED rails, which utilize a proprietary ERG design to provide thermal manage-ment superior to any other technology on the market.



Taipei, Taiwan +866-2-2633-1253
Booth 1005


Everbouquet/Wayton has been a leading worldwide supplier of medium- and small-sized standard, custom, and semicustom LCDs, including TFT, STN, FSTN, TN, HTN, etc., for 16 years and is ISO certified. Everbouquet/Wayton's TFT-LCD module range includes a wide variety of options, with diagonal screen sizes between 1.5 and 5.7 in. Devices are available with three color depths: 65,000, 262,000, and 1.67 million. All of the modules boast high contrast (typically 200:1, but in some cases up to 250:1) and brightness levels (up to 380 cd/m2 for the 5.7 in module).



Chippewa Falls, WI 715/726-1201
Booth 142

Coating system

A Liberty coating system typically includes a slot die, positioning support, and fluid-delivery pump. While the lips of the die are integral with the die bodies and thus fixed, operators can vary product thickness and width by means of shims that change the dimensions of the slot gap. Liberty's WetWare system combines die, positioner, pump, and ancillary components into a module that can be shipped to a customer or prospect for on-site slot-die coating trials on actual production lines.



Independence, OH 216/447-8498
Booth 661

Inks and pastes

ElectroSperse inks and pastes from Five Star Technologies feature exceptional printability, low firing temperatures, high levels of conductivity, strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, and RoHS compliance. D-120 series grades offer exceptionally low firing temperatures (380–400°C), enabling users to achieve better ITO resistance stability and extend product life cycles. D-130 series pastes offer similar advantages in a lead-free RoHS-compliant system. ElectroSperse grades can be tailored for a range of processing techniques, including screen, gravure, extrusion, and ink-jet printing. Targeted applications include electrodes, interconnects, and linearization patterns for displays, photovoltaic front-side contacts, and hybrid microcircuits.



Nagano, Japan +81-2-6326-6415
Booth 272

OLED panels

Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co. is a research and development company of Fuji Electric Group. OLED panels made by a simple method applicable to medium- and large-sized substrates of a top-emission-type TFT substrate, on which organic layers are evaporated without the use of metal masks, and an ink-jet printed Advanced Color Conversion Materials substrate are connected to each other. Full-color 2.8-in. QVGA (240 x 320) AMOLEDs, which employ pure-blue-emitting OLEDs driven by a-Si TFTs to achieve an NTSC gamut ratio of 100 % and a wide viewing angle of 120°, will be demonstrated.



Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 268

Materials printer

The FUJIFILM Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) has been accepted as the industry standard for the accelerated development of ink-jet solutions in electronics, displays, life sciences, and other industries. It is a cost-effective easy-to-use tool that can be utilized for the development of test processes, from materials used in flexible circuits, RFID tags and displays to materials used in bioarrays and wearable electronics. This printer enables the precise deposition of fluids with a disposable piezoelectric ink-jet 1- or 10-pl cartridge. New materials and products are brought to market faster and at a significantly lower cost because of the DMP.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/745-4924
Booth 701

Resistive touch panel

Fujitsu's new FID-533 is a rugged Film-Film-Plastic resistive touch-panel series designed for use with typical LCDs in a variety of mobile applications. These panels feature a durable and rigid plastic support sheet in place of a glass substrate. The Film-Film-Plastic touch panels provide reliable operation down to –20oC and up to 60oC and are sealable to the IP67 level, making them ideal for devices that must withstand a wide range of environmental use. With Fujitsu's proprietary coatings applied, the 2-mm-thick Film-Film-Plastic touch panels offer 85% typical transmissivity and are rated at 1,000,000 operations.



Owasso, OK 918/272-4710
Booth 1109

Direct optical bonding

G2D Technologies teaches manufacturers to bring the Direct Optical Bond process in-house. The G2D Direct Bond process is currently in use in North America and Asia. Customers are typically at full production in 6 months or less. The soft bond process is guaranteed to never crystallize or yellow and can be used with a LCD-to-glass gap as small as 0.5 mm. The G2D process is re-workable to eliminate scrap.


South Windsor, CT 860/282-2900
Booth 801

Chassis monitor panel mount

General Digital's innovative thinking takes a standard LCD monitor to new heights in two ways. First, to achieve sunlight readability, a revolutionary technology was incorporated: a mercury-free all-LED backlight, which puts out 700+ nits of luminance and reduces power consumption. Second, in addition to a beefy 0.59-in. front bezel and a military-grade power connector, the night-vision- goggle compatibility meets MIL-STD-3009 requirements. Also, this unit is designed with the intent to meet MIL-STD-901D, as well as numerous other military requirements.



Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 449

New ultra-thin LED-based backlight

Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) has introduced new LED-based high-brightness backlights that offer exceptional thinness (to 0.4 mm), providing the slimmest molded light-guide BLUs available for backlighting the LCDs and keypads/keyboards used in mobile phones and laptop and desktop PCs. GLT's patented MicroLens light-extraction technology and improved manufacturing processes are making light-guide packages less than 0.5 mm high a reality for OEMs who need to meet the increasing consumer demand for smaller, thinner size with no sacrifice in performance.



Lakewood, OH 216/529-3714
Booth 1022

Thermal-management solution

eGRAF® thermal solutions offer a unique combination of flexibility, weight savings, and performance improvement to the electronic thermal-management industry. Made from natural graphite, SPREADERSHIELD products distribute heat evenly while providing thermal insulation through the thickness. Engineered thermal conductivity up to 500 W/m-K. This unique combination of spreading and shieldingproperties make natural graphite an excellent material choice for PDPs, LCDs, or OLED display thermal solutions.



Leverkusen, Germany +49-21-4307-2626
Booth 201-3

Conductive polymers

H. C. Starck will present PEDOT:PSS materials, sold under the name of CLEVIOS (formerly known as Baytron®) for use in printed electronics and OLED applications. New touch screens can use formulations based on high-conductive CLEVIOS PH500 rather than using conventional materials such as ITO. Backplanes for flexible electronics can also use CLEVIOS as an electrode. H. C. Starck will also introduce new HIL materials for use in OLED applications.


Lawrenceville, GA 770/409-3020
Booth 1009

WVGA TFT display

Hitachi Electronic Devices USA is pleased to introduce a new 8-in. WVGA (800 x 480) TFT display with In Plane Switching (IPS) technology, high-brightness LED backlighting (625 nits), and a superior contrast ratio of 1000:1. The panel is rated for a wide temperature range of -40–85°C. Market focus for this panel will be the automotive and industrial markets.


Boulder, CO 303/444-4608
Booth 150

Automated LC parameter testing

Instec will feature its line of Automated Liquid Crystal Test Equipment highlighted by the new ALCT4. Built for industry, the ALCT4's easy to use software allows for the quick and accurate measurement of critical liquid-crystal material parameters. These include the dielectric constants, elastic constants, and threshold voltage for both positive and negative dielectric nematic liquid crystals. In addition, the rotational viscosity, gamma 1, of positive nematics can also be measured. As with all Instec's full line of industrial and academic LC measurement equipment, the ALCT4 interfaces easily to a PC via the USB port.



Wixom, MI 248/668-9230
Booth 112

Texture Mura inspection system

Integral Vision's Texture Mura Inspection System is used to quantify the visual perception of small-scale luminance non-uniformities observed on a flat-panel display. The system takes into account both size and magnitude visibility factors of the non-uniformity over a large area of the display. The automatic optical inspection system is portable and can accommodate displays of different sizes. The output is a single number that represents the amount of texture Mura in a display and allows ranking the displays based on their texture Mura content.



Santa Clata, CA 408/656-4955
Booth 1100

IR touch screens

Continued innovation has enabled infrared touch technology to be the interactive solution for rugged environments from public kiosks, indoors and outdoors; point-of-sales terminals; and in-vehicle displays to industrial control monitors, as well as marine and avionics displays. Sunlight operability, enhanced optical performance with high transparency, slim integrated mechanical profile, low maintenance with no drift and no wearing are all among the benefits an IRTOUCH touch screen brings to rugged interactive applications. Continued design innovation together with quality manufacturing cost control has enabled quality infrared touch-screen solutions to enter the mainstream mid-range market segments.



Tempe, AZ 480/998-2250
Booth 845

Conductive-polymer products

Ito America is now a U.S. distributor of Orgacon™, the trade name for Agfa Materials' conductive-polymer product line. The Orgacon line covers a wide range of products designed for different applications such as EL lamps, touch pads, touch screens, displays, dashboard panels, etc. ITO America produces coating solutions, printing inks, as well as highly transparent conductive films. The six key properties of Orgacon products are conductivity, transparency, printability, flexibility, formability (cold and thermo), and patternability.



Hauppauge, NY 631/273-5500
Booth 813

Signage system

Jaco will feature the WebDT Signage System, consisting of player-integrated displays, content and device management software, and optional IR touch for interactive signage. The WebDT family of products is based on thin computing platforms for secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing. WebDT products also include mobile tablets, compact information appliances, and display-integrated information systems. Powered by Windows® operating systems, WebDT devices offer durability and ease in integration, and emphasize mobility, wireless connectivity and touch displays. All WebDT systems can be remotely managed with the user-friendly WebDT Device Manager software.



Pacoima, CA 1-800-421-7244
Booth 907

Surface-mount white LEDs

JKL Components Corp. will introduce new SMD LEDs. The LEDs yield up to 1900 mcd, offer a 120° viewing angle, and offer crisp, clear bright white output, ideal for display backlighting. LEDs are offered in reels for automatic placement or pre-mounted on a PC board to meet specific display requirements or on an existing LCD rail. Several binding options are available to meet unique requirements. The LEDs are reliable and dependable in extreme environments and offer an excellent low-cost long-life solution to designers seeking LCD enhancement or CCFL replacement options.



Ramsey, NJ 201/785-2436,
Booth 400


Konica Minolta will feature CS-2000 spectro-radiometers. The CS-2000 features faster, accurate, repeatable measurements down to an ultra-low luminance of 0.003 cd/m2; selectable measurement angles of – 1, 0.1, and 0.2°; additional calculations include CRI, L*a*b*, CIE Assessment of Daylight Simulation Metamerism Index; low polarization error; easy operation with a color LCD screen and simple keypad arrangement; USB compatible; and illuminance capable.



Westborough, MA 508/870-5959
Booth 807

Smallest color SVGA display

Kopin's new CyberDisplay® SVGA LVS display with a 0.44-in.-diagonal image area is the smallest color SVGA display (800 x 600 resolution) in the LCD industry. Compared with Kopin's commercially available SVGA display (0.59-in. diagonal and consuming ~100 mW), the new SVGA display has a 45% smaller area and consumes 30% less power. The CyberDisplay SVGA LVS exhibits remarkably sharp color images and is targeted for PC- and HD-related video eyewear applications.



Vancouver, WA 360/750-6121
Booth 1008


Kyocera will exhibit their new Thin & Light series TFT-LCDs. In 5.7-in.-diagonal size, the TL-series has VGA and QVGA models at a thickness of only 5.7 mm, excluding the touch screen. The width and height are also reduced compared to prior generations. The new series has a single 40-pin interface connector that gives the customer direct control of over three strings of backlight LEDs. The TL-series will soon include new 6.2-in. TFT-LCDs in HVGA format with an integrated constant-current backlight driver.



Taoyuan County, Taiwan +886-3-359-1055
Booth 1115

Surface-acoustic-wave touch panels

Based on surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) technology, SonicTouch is composed of a pure-glass construction that delivers unsurpassed durability, reliability, and clarity. With no plastic or metallic coatings on the surface, it offers over 90% light transmission and superior image clarity and color purity. Featuring a surface hardness as high as 7H, SonicTouch is scratch and chemical resistant. With its drift-free and stable controller design, the SonicTouch requires no recalibration once installed.



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613/729-0614
Booth 800

Low-cost viewing-angle measurement system

It used to be the case that industrial instruments for measuring the viewing-angle-dependent luminance and contrast of displays required a very sizable capital investment. At SID 2008, Lumetrix will be changing this equation with the introduction of the ConoMeter. Leveraging many years of experience in the development of a successful line of imaging photometers and imaging spectrometers, the system boasts unrivaled measurement fidelity and productive software for analysis. A rigorous and extensive system calibration together with electronic bracketing produces an ultra-wide measurement dynamic range.



Calgary, Alberto, Canada 403/229-2737
Booth 756

Graphic LCD

Matrix Orbital's new graphic LCD, GLK19264-7T-1U, has a 1U form factor. It also fits a 5.25-in. drive bay. It features a backlit seven-button embedded tactile keypad and three bi-color LED Indicator lights (red, green, and yellow). It is easy to use and comes with a RS232/I2C or USB interface. An optional black mounting bracket is available.



Painesville, OH 440/354-3148
Booth 901

Cable assemblies

Tin-bismuth-plated ZIF cable assemblies have been Meritec's RoHS plating of choice. ZIF board receptacle manufacturers are looking to gold-plating options. Available by the third quarter of 2008, Meritec will offer a high-quality industrial-grade electrolytic gold-plating option for application-specific requirements. Regardless of the application, Meritec will offer both tin- and gold-plated options. Meritec offers FPDI-I compatible cables in stock and a variety of flat flex cabling solutions that can easily be modified to solve the most intricate flat flex cabling needs.



Holtsville, NY 631/447-7700
Booth 903

Bulletproof coatings

Metavac, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, introduces a new line of environmentally bulletproof coatings. These coatings are engineered for the real world. They will not fail even under the most inhospitable environments including repeated touch.


Edinburgh, Scotland +44-131-650-7753
Booth 540

QVGA microdisplay

MicroEmissive Displays will feature eyescreen ME3204, a QVGA resolution microdisplay with a 0.24-in.-diagonal pixel array. Vivid colors, high pixel fill factor, and really black blacks produce high-contrast video images (contrast ratio > 500:1), while rapid-switching speeds enable video frame rates of 50–120 fps, eliminating flicker and blurring. Energy-efficient BT.656 and serial RGB digital interfaces, a fully digital signal pathway, and elimination of a backlight all contribute to the ultra-low power consumption (typically 50 mW), and with built-in display drivers, eyescreen saves space, power, and cost of additional components for product design engineers.



Irvine, CA 949/221-7112
Booth 229

Chipsets for LED backlighting of LCD TVs

Microsemi's new DAZL! Digital Advanced Zone Lighting chipset provides a breakthrough system-level solution for accelerating large-screen LCD-TV backlight designs. DAZL! chipsets feature advanced power management, unprecedented uniformity of color, brightness, contrast, blur-free performance, and energy savings. The new chipsets substantially reduce the number of components needed to build LED backlights, saving board space and cutting total system cost by as much as 30%. Uniquely, DAZL! drivers support both high- and low-power LED backlights, an advantage in speeding new display designs into production – especially those using the latest high-brightness LEDs.



Auburn, CA 530/888-8344
Booth 611

Display-measurement systems

Microvision will demonstrate its latest innovation in automated display testing systems, the SS400 series. The SS400 series will include several hardware advancements such as USB-controlled 16-bit spectrometers and 12-bit CCD cameras. New soft-ware includes improved response-time measurements (RTM) and ISO 300 test suites. The response-time software includes motion-blur measurements such as MPRT, blur-edge time, moving edge response time, and blur-edge width. Also included is improved filtering and improved user interface. The ISO 300 suite tests in full accordance to the latest draft of the ISO 9241-307 Ergonomics Standard.



Santa Clara, CA 408/567-9728
Booth 134

Glass touch panels

Compared to previous glass touch panels, Nagase's panels excel in reliability and are capable of various uses. It has an environmental resistance, including resistance to heat, moisture, and shock and has an extremely long keystroke lifespan. Moreover, due to its transparency and non-fading screen, it is outstanding in terms of picture quality. The glass touch panel can be produced by either using Touch Switch or Pen Input, depending on the customer requirement.



Tokyo, Japan +81-3-6222-5022
Booth 957

G8 alignment-layer coating system

Nakan is introducing the latest design in alignment-layer printing machines with a moving plate cylinder and flexographic plate transfer capability. This is an off-set print system designed for coating thin films. Adopted by many liquid-crystal makers because of its durability, excellent moving stability, and equalized coating quality.



Milpitas, CA 408/719-5345
Booth 922

Optical materials

NanaGram Corp. will feature high (>1.7) and low (<1.3) refractive-index optical materials. NanoGram creates customized application-specific advanced materials solutions for its customers in the display, lighting, electronics, and energy markets. NanoGram's complete licensing package includes proven materials production tools and processes, surface modification and dispersion technologies, process transfer expertise, and ongoing support.



Santa Clara, CA 408/588-6243
Booth 235

7-in. WVGA a-Si TFT-LCD module

NEC Electronics America's 7.0-in. WVGA a-Si TFT-LCD module, part number NL8048BC19-02, features 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles, a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, and fast response time of 25 msec, enabling information to be reproduced on screen quickly, precisely, and without stress. The 7.0-in. LCD module is equipped with a long-life (approximately 50,000 hours) white LED backlight system and provides lower power consumption compared with that of CCFL-based modules. The lightweight, slim-line package is highly resistant to shock and vibration, and an operating temperature range of –20 to +70&#176;C guarantees operation even in the most extreme conditions.



Magny Les Hameaux, France +33-6-60-60-21-42
Booth 935

E-paper module

Nemoptic's e-paper display, based on the truly bistable zero-power BiNem® technology, is a perfect fit for retail tag applications in fresh-food counters or deli counters and is also suitable for logistics applications. It offers a 61 x 81-mm2 viewing area (4:3 aspect ratio); the highest contrast ratio in the e-paper market (CR > 15:1, typical); high brightness in reflective mode (> 35%, typical); excellent readability at all angles; and a working temperature range of 0°– 40°C.


La Grange, IL 708/482-0004
Booth 1036

Touch-screen sensor

NextWindow's 1900 touch-screen sensor offers multi-touch and full mouse functionality – click, drag, double-click, and right-click, in a low-cost design that's easy to integrate and simple to use. Perfect for applications requiring superior optics, responsiveness, and multi-touch capabilities including consumer electronics, voting terminals, ticket kiosks, and much more. The NextWindow 1900 Touch Sensor offers the following benefits: multi-touch ready; accurate, low-cost, high reliability, superior optics; simple integration; HID-compliant USB interface for power and communications; once-only factory calibration, with no drift; light touch, no pressure required.



Palmer, MA 413/283-3468
Booth 741

Self-adhesive protective films

Novacel will be featuring 9003, 9016, 9841, and 9842 self-adhesive surface protective films, specifically designed to protect the critical surfaces of specialty films such as light-management films used in the manufacture of electronic displays. Novacel's 9003 and 9016 are clear and green low adhesion films, designed to protect smooth surfaces. Novacel's 9841 and 9842 are both clear films, designed for application to textured substrates. These products are easy to laminate to specialty films, with stable adhesion regardless of fabrication and processing. They protect sensitive surfaces during manufacturing, handling, shipping, and assembly. They are easy to peel-off without residue or contamination at the end of the process.


Dresden, Germany +49-351-79658-0
Booth 201-4

OLED materials

Novaled specializes in high-efficiency long-lifetime OLED structures and synthetic and analytical chemistry. Novaled is offering complete solutions to the organic electronic markets and is commercializing their PIN OLED technology along with their proprietary OLED materials.



Kfar Saba, Israel +972-9-799616
Booth 465


N-trig is the provider of DuoSense digitizer technology, the only combined pen, touch, and multi-touch interface for advanced computers. By offering the most technologically advanced digitizer on the market, N-trig sets the stage for OEMs to introduce computer products which offer an intuitive Hands-on and interactive experience. DuoSense digitizers are easily integratable, on top of any type of LCD, and keep devices slim, light, and bright. N-trig technology can be implemented in a broad range of products from small notebooks to large-format LCDs and can support a variety of applications including mobile computing, gaming, entertainment, all-in-one, and multimedia.



Thame Oxon, U.K. +44-1844-260-377
Booth 949

Resistive touch screens

Optical Filters will feature a range of all-glass COTS resistive touch screens featuring sunlight readability and durability to match the most demanding applications such as military, marine, avionics, and industrial displays where the tough finish and wide temperature stability are required. With integrated enhancement options including EmiClare MicroMesh or ITO coating for optimum EMI-shielding and excellent light transmission, this is a proven off-the-shelf solution.



Pasadena, CA 626/795-9101
Booth 905

Illumination design and analysis software

LightTools from Optical Research Associates is a complete illumination design and analysis software package featuring virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic rendering of illumination systems such as backlights and rear-projector systems. LightTools models sources, waveguides, 2-D and 3-D extraction features, enhancement and recycling films, and the many performance aspects of display systems. This includes fully user-defined 3-D textures that can efficiently model an infinite variety of complex textures for the extraction of light from a waveguide, and the Backlight Pattern Optimization utility that automatically optimizes backlight extraction texture size or placement for optimal performance.



Orlando, FL 407/422-3171
Booth 953

VESA display test workstation

Optronic Laboratories is excited to introduce a brand new motion control and modular platform suitable for, amongst other things, VESA display testing. The VESA Display Test Workstation is used in conjunction with the OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System for a complete, robust, and flexible tool for most display applications. The motion system is expandable up to 5 axes (x, y, z, theta, and phi). Powerful software allows users to create scripted auto-mation and even the integration of other measurement tools for fully automated multi-parameter testing.



Duluth, GA 770/622-2146
Booth 558


Optrex will feature, for the first time, IPS displays that achieve a viewing angle of 85/85/85/85, thickness of 3.5 mm, luminance of 300 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 600:1, wide-temperature range of from –20 to 70&#176;C, a CMOS TTL interface, and LED backlights. The displays are also available with a four-wire touch screen. A TN-mode cost-effective version is also available, featuring a viewing angle of 65/65/45/65, CR = 500:1, and luminance of 400 cd/m2. Other wide-format modules shown will include 4.3-in. WVGA, 9-in. WVGA, 12.1-in. WXGA, 14.1-in. WXGA, and 17.5-in. WXGA. Touch-screen options are available on the entire TFT lineup from Optrex.



Santa Clara, CA 1-888-446-7726
Booth 435

Reflector LEDs

OSRAM will be demonstrating a 7-in. LCD backlit using new CERAMOS Reflector LEDs. The CERAMOS Reflector LED provides unprecedented high brightness and power in a very small package for backlighting mid-sized (5–20 in.) LCDs that need to operate in high-ambient-light conditions, such as those found in automotive dashboards or aircraft cockpits. The SMD ceramic package also enables robust operation under extreme temperature and humidity conditions. The Reflector LED is powered by OSRAM's patented ThinGaN® LED technology, which provides a high level of optical efficiency of over 50 lum/W.



Osaka, Japan +81-7-2855-8500
Booth 827

Total-luminous-flux measurement system

Otsuka Electronics will feature the HM series measurement system that measures the total luminous flux by using an integrating hemisphere and a flat mirror for backlight-like surface illuminants. Backlight-like surface illuminants can also be accurately measured.



Tempe, AZ 480/222-1040
Booth 1114

Sunlight-readable touch screen

PanJit will feature EclipsTouch, a state-of-the-art sunlight-readable touch screen. The optical characteristics of the touch screen are optimized by enhancing the polarized light transmission, color, saturation, and contrast, reducing the natural reflection. The battery power is enhanced and the LCD lifetime is extended. EclipsTouch is ideal for applications such as military and/or automotive displays, GPS, or rugged notebooks where they can be easily installed and maintained.



Incheon, Korea +82-32-851-6060
Booth 653

32-in. stereoscopic LCD

Pavonine will exhibit a 32-in. stereoscopic LCD that features a color TFT-LCD; 3-D glasses; a 2-D resolution of 1920 x 1200; a 3-D resolution of 1920 x 600; a brightness of 145 cd/m2; an interfaced stereo format; a frame-sequential sub-field and side-field; 16.7 million colors; VGA, DVI, and HD component input signals; PAL and NTSC broadcasting signals; and CE and RoHS compliance.



Beaverton, OR 503/748-5886
Booth 1037

Mariner displays

The Planar LX1501PRI and LX1201PRTI Mariner displays are designed with innovative features to meet the challenges of unpredictable marine environments. As an open-architecture weather-proofed display, the LX Mariner displays integrate touch-screen technology to enable users to better interact with screen data for improved functionality, including future plans to support multi-touch capability. Additional features, including optical bonding from Planar's recently announced facility, and an ultra-wide vertical viewing angle for optimal viewing, make the LX Mariner displays ideal for use in marine environments in which sun, moisture, and salt create challenges for standard commodity displays.



Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31-40-27-74200
Booth 1029

Rollable mobile displays

Polymer Vision, the inventor of rollable displays, has pioneered a whole new generation of mobile devices with the announcement of the Readius® in January 2008. The device exploits the versatility of rollable displays to merge the "reading friendly" strengths of e-readers with the "high mobility" features of mobile phones. The Readius® offers a large 5-in. display without sacrificing the small size of the device. When not in use, the display can simply be rolled up so the Readius® will fit easily in a pocket. The Readius® will be commercially launched by mid-2008.



Lake Forrest, CA 949/859-8168
Booth 761

LCD modules

Powertip is fully equipped to handle the market needs for active-matrix OLED, TFT, color STN, chip-on-glass (COG), chip-on-film (COF), tape-automated-bonding (TAB), chip-on board (COB), and surface-mount-technology (SMT) LCD module designs. With over 79 series (comprising over 1000 configurations) of standard LCD modules, Powertip is uniquely positioned in the marketplace today. Very few manufacturers of LCD modules can affirm this diversity of standard product.



Redwood City, CA
Booth 1104

Public-information displays

Using PureDepth's proprietary Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology, this public display monitor is for use in public-information display locations (point-of-sales advertising, public transportation, electronic menu boards, etc.). Imagine any 3-D content being played in real depth, or a menu board with menu items on one side and a sponsored advertisement on the other, or having text displayed on the front LCD while promotional placements are displayed on the background. Because MLD technology uses actual depth, there are no visual impairments as in 3-D stereoscopic displays. PureDepth licenses both the technology and manufacturing processes for strategic partners.



Englishtown, NJ 732/792-1234
Booth 855

Series connectors

Quadrangle Products is supporting a new component – Hirose's FX15 series connectors – in the development of custom LVDS cables. The FX15 is a cable-to-board connector that supports LVDS signals. The FX15 series connector features flexibility in design, enhanced shielding effectiveness, equal-length transmission lines, self-alignment and self-guiding, secure and complete mating/ un-mating, and RoHS compliant. Quadrangle Products can help design a complete custom cable assembly using the FX15 connector for prototype and production purposes.



San Diego, CA 858/651-6276
Booth 427

Mirasol displays

The Hisense C108 mobile phone, which is the world's first handset to feature Qualcomm's mirasol display technology, is a lightweight low-power candy-bar-style handset that weighs less than a quarter pound (80 grams). The C108, based on Qualcomm's QSC6010 chipset, uses the 1.2-in. mirasol display that features a resolution of 130 ppi (128 x 96 pixels). The mirasol display functions as the main display of the phone, showing such things as text messaging, phone-book entries, time, date, and other important information. The phone also supports multiple languages and has 32-Mbyte ROM and 8-Mbyte RAM.



San Diego, CA 858/692-3706
Booth 505

Sunlight-readable displays

Q-Vio is introducing Q-Solar sunlight-readable displays. They beat the daylight out of the sunlight with the brightest, easiest-to-read displays ever! The Q-Solar 7-in. model is a 1024 x 600 700-nit color active-matrix TFT-LCD that uses a-Si TFT as a switching device. The ultra-high-brightness display consists of a TFT-LCD panel, a driver circuit, and a backlight system. At 700 nits and the highest resolution in its class (1024 x 600 pixels), this dynamic 7-in. display offers up to 262,144 colors. And at a thin, 4.9-mm thickness and weighing in at only 100 grams, this low-power (2.4 W) display is perfect for a wide range of products where size, weight, power, and sharp readability in bright sunlight are essential.



Duvall, WA 425/844-0152
Booth 349

BRDF/BTDF measurement

Radiant Imaging will be featuring their Scatter & Appearance Imaging Sphere (IS-SA) that enables rapid, high-resolution measurements of BRDF, BTDF, and TIS. It is useful for characterizing the light appearance of a wide range of reflective surfaces and transmissive films, including FPDs, display components, BEFs (brightness-enhanced films), painted surfaces, holographic foils, and plastic and metal parts.



Incheon, Korea +82-32-254-2520
Booth 706

LCD simulation software

Sanayi System Co., Ltd., is a maker of LCD simulation software. 3-D simulation software for LCDs, TechWiz LCD 3D, is used by major LCD panel makers to develop novel LCD designs. A new simulation software, TechWiz LCD 1D, has been released for the optical design and characterization of LCDs.



Exton, PA 610/363-4100
Booth 144

Acrylated oligomer

Sartomer Co. is the manufacturer of CN4000, a fluorinated acrylate oligomer featuring low surface energy, low viscosity, and low refractive index. It is used in UV/EB-cured coatings, electronics, and inks applications. CN4000 is effective in anti-reflective coatings and anti-graffiti resins for plastics and monitors.



Sioux Falls, SD 605/339-0100
Booth 1006

Optical tri-stimulus colorimeter

Sencore's OTC1000 is their newest ColorPro Color Analyzer designed specifically for highly accurate and convenient projection-system calibration. The OTC1000 is a lensed point-and-shoot color measurement system designed to be highly accurate and easy to use with all projection technologies. It is equipped with patent-pending Ambi-Block technology, which allows both the luminance and chromaticity effects of ambient light to be automatically excluded from projection measurements for accurate projection system calibration, even under less than ideal measurement conditions.



Northfield, MN 507/663-8564
Booth 708

Specialty materials

Sheldah will feature specialty materials solutions to support resistive and capacitive touch sensor, smart windows, and electroluminescent product applications. Products include coated and patterned ITO, screen printing, and specialized tooling on thin plastic films manufactured roll to roll in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Custom prototype and volume touch-sensor assembly services are available.


sim4tec GmbH
Dresden, Germany +49-(0)-35-0533-1478
Booth 101-4

OLED simulation software

sim4tec GmbH, a provider of numerical simulation software for organic electronics, will introduce the new version 1.1 of its OLED simulation software SimOLED®. The device simulator SimOLED® can model the complete optoelectrical characteristics of multilayer OLEDs (e.g., current density, luminance, and efficiency), including special effects such as carrier and emitter doping, exciplex states, and exciton quenching. Version 1.1. comes with enhanced calculation speeds and the possibility of performing automatic parameter variations. The user can take advantage of the graphical user interface and the database concept of SimOLED® where input parameters and output results are automatically stored, managed, and conveniently displayed.



Chula Vista, CA 619/216-6477
Booth 100

Highly transparent film

SMK has joined with a film manufacturer to developa highly transparent film to solve the problem of reduced visibility caused by light reflecting on the surface and on the inside of the touch screen. By combining our film with a highly transparent glass, 93% transparency, and 5% reflectance was achieved, which is the highest in the industry. Our highly transparent resistive touch screen is available in film-on-film and film-on-glass. This product is being marketed for use in information terminals, notebook PCs, UMPCs, and photo printers to suppress light reflection.



Pak Shek Kok NT, Hong Kong +852-2207-1560
Booth 549

Bistable display driver

Solomon Systech is a world leader in bistable display driver technology. These ICs are the world's first commercialized single-chip integrated drivers with a controller. The SSD1623, a 96-segment direct segment drive bistable display driver, offers flexible driving waveforms, allowing the output waveform to be set to drive different displays such as cholesteric, electrophoretic, and other new display technologies. With a highly compact andcompetitive design, the bistable IC can be used in portable devices such as smart cards, memory cards, mobile phones, electronic shelf labels, etc.



Tampa, FL 813/855-8687
Booth 941

Portable LED and display measurements

The low-cost StellarNet SpectroRadiometers use aberration-corrected concave grating optics to provide research-quality imaging and top spectral efficiency with a unique dual blaze technology. The research-grade spectrograph contains no mirrors to minimize stray light while the flat field grating delivers a uniform focus on the detector for < 2-nm spectral resolution. The instrument is ruggedized for portability (it can be dropped without harm) and connects directly to a PC's USB-2 port. The system includes the SpectraWiz software for LED xy chromaticity and intensity measurements.



Scottsdale, AZ 480/922-5344
Booth 1019

Film lamination equipment

Sun-Tec America will feature the TMS-47SA film- lamination machine for laminating films to other film, glass, or plastic substrates up to 47 in. on the diagonal. The TMS-SA series of lamination machines are designed to be affordably priced for R&D, low-to-medium volume production, and repair work without sacrificing the performance of more-expensive models. These machines maintain Sun-Tec's high production standards and are capable of bubble-free lamination with a high placement accuracy of 0.2 mm. The basic TMS-SA series are manually operated, but with available options can be configured as a fully automated machine. Other options include tables for laminating assembled displays with bezels, de-ionizers, and a hood with an Hepa filter.



Fremont, CA 727/504-1127
Booth 155

Laser MicroJet®-Powered Stencil Cutter

Fast and clean manufacturing of thin metal masks has improved even further when using the Laser Stencil System (LSS 800/1000/1200) from Synova, featuring the unique Laser MicroJet® technology. Almost any aperture shape can be created with very small beam diameters down to 28 μm. The LSS offers high mechanical precision with a tolerance of less than 5 μm. An unsurpassed cutting quality is achieved at rates of up to 30,000 apertures per hour without any heat damage, deposition, burrs, or oxidation. There are no gas emissions and all waste products are removed in the water flow.



Orange, CA 714/633-7874
Booth 502

Resized LCDs

New larger-sized LCDs (27-in. on the diagonal) are being resized to 5.8 x 23 in. for avionics applications to replace out-of-production plasma panels. Tactical Displays, Inc., (TDI), Irvine, CA, is ruggedizing the resized LCD with front AR glass and rear-heater glass and qualifying it for military-aircraft applications. Tannas Electronic Displays is resizing large LCDs to odd sizes to replace other technologies.



City of Industry, CA 646/336-8188
Booth 1043

Thin-film transistors

Ideal for portable media players and medical/industrial products, Tianma's new TFTs also feature higher brightness and wider viewing angle and are supported by their new state-of-the-art TFT FAB in Shanghai, China.



Phoenix, AZ 602/296-1886
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Computerized Gen-3 mechanical glass cutter

TLC International will feature the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® (24 x 24 in. / 600 x 600 mm) computerized mechanical glass cutter for thin, flat glass singulation of FPD/photonics/optics parts, especially X-Y/circular/curvilinear flat-panel displays. The rotating cutting head incorporates a CCD camera. Features include AutoCAD® interface O/S; exact onstage measurement/inspection; quick, repeatable targeting system for precise alignment of single sheet/laminate parts; unobstructed surface for easy integration in automated lines; fast, clean, and dry (no contaminating oil/water) processing; pristine afterbreak edge quality; nesting software maximizes utilization of expensive coated/plain substrates. It compliments TLC's Summit Gen-5® (46 x 58 in./1160 x 1460 mm) which provides multifunctionality never before possible in technical glass singu-lation, replacing bulky, complex, outdated-technology machines.



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Industrial LED-backlit TFT-LCDs

Toshiba will exhibit their new 70,000-hour long-life LED-backlit TFT-LCDs for industrial applications at SID 2008. Toshiba's new line-up includes LCDs ranging in diagonal-size from 5.7 to 10.4 in. and resolutions from QVGA (320 x 240) to XGA (1024 x 768). These modules each feature an on-board LED-driving circuit to facilitate customer design-in. Today's common industrial-use TFT-LCDs use cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) as their backlight source. An LED-backlit TFT-LCD provides many benefits: low electromagnetic interference (EMI), low power consumption, wide backlight dimming range, and light weight. LED backlights are also mercury-free and therefore support industry environmental initiatives.



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Wide-aspect-ratio touch monitors

Elo Touch Systems, a Tyco Electronics business, announces the stylish 1900L 19 in. and 2200L 22-in. wide-aspect-ratio touch monitors. The sleek integrated design is attractive for public venues and the adjustable height stand provides flexibility to meet a variety of height requirements. The base can also be removed and with VESA compliance wall or arm mounting is possible. Available in both IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave and acoustic pulse recognition (APR) touch technologies, the pure-glass construction of the touch monitors is sealed to resist water, dust, and grease and delivers high-quality optical performance.



Menlo Park, CA 512/567-3763
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Carbon nanotubes

Unidym leads in the development and manufacture of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), specifically for applications in electronics. Unidym's first CNT electronics product, already recognized as a true innovation, is a transparent, conductive film based on its conductive CNT inks that are designed to improve performance and processing of touch screens and displays. When compared to current transparent electrode materials (ITO, IZO), Unidym's films offer greater reliability, uniform transmission across the entire visible light spectrum, true mechanical flexibility, reduced reflectivity, and are more-cost effective to manufacture.



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Phosphorescent OLED materials and technology

Universal Display's award-winning PHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology enable manufacturers to produce OLEDs with dramatically higher power efficiency compared to conventional OLEDs and LCDs. Available in many colors, PHOLEDs offer excellent performance for use in full-color and white OLEDs. UDC will also exhibit prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including FOLED® Flexible OLED, TOLED® Transparent OLED, and WOLED White OLED technologies.



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Active-matrix TFT-LCDs

Vertex LCD will introduce two active-matrix TFT-LCDs: 10.4-in. night-vision model NVIS Mil-3009 Type I or Type II compatible NVIS displays featuring (day) 800 cd/m2, (night) 200 cd/m2, and XGA resolution. Designed for high brightness in high ambient conditions and low-light NVIS filtered applications, it can be dimmed from full brightness to zero for rugged flat-panel hand-held systems, transportation, office, or daylight industrial automation systems. Options include EMI/heater/touch available with optical bonding and dual-mode LED drivers. Custom BLU designs available on all Vertex LCD sizes and models.



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RGBW display technology

VPWTM technology adds white (transparent) sub-pixels to form a proprietary four-color RGBW display of square subpixels. Higher brightness can be obtained from the backlight through the white subpixels for LCDs and CF-OLED displays or from the reflection of the ambient light on the white subpixels area for electronic-paper displays. The VPW engine, embedded in a display driver, further enhances the perceived resolution, colors, and contrast, which provides a much better user experience with the image contents. In addition, VPW technology's duo resolution driving mode further reduces power consumption in mobile devices.



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Ultra-thin tailored microdiffusers

WaveFront Technology (WFT) is introducing ultra-thin high-performance tailored microdiffusers (TMD®) for mobile LCD applications. The TMD® is ~25 μm in thickness offering up to a 15% increase in brightness and 25% improvement in contrast ratio. As with all WFT TMDs, the Ultra Thin also offers improved viewing angle and better uniformity. This ultra-thin high-performance diffuser will be available in the second half of 2008. WFT also offers roll-to-roll or large-flat-panel replication of micro-structured optical films containing prismatic, diffractive, or microlens features.



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TFT-panel universal tester

T-DriveTM Model II is a universal tester for TFT panels with resolutions up to WQXGA. Dual-channel LVDS, TMDS, and analog outputs are standard, with optional quad-channel LVDS and DisplayPort outputs. Model II has three programmable power supplies; two range from 2.5 to 24 VDC/3 A and one ranges from 9 to 24 VDC/6 A. An optional negative supply is available. Companion T-Link software maintains profiles, images, and pattern lists stored on the tester. T-LinkTM can read and write a panel's EDID. T-DriveTM Model II's built-in test patterns, bitmap display feature, and moving patterns offer broad content for displays under test.



Malvern, Worcestershire, U.K.+44-(0)-1344-887691
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Bistable displays

The Zenithal Bistable Display (ZBD®) is the first commercially available LCD that uses surface bi-stability. It has the same basic construction as the conventional twisted-nematic (TN) displays used in watches. However, instead of the usual rubbed polymer alignment layer used for the TN displays, one of the surfaces of the ZBD has a patterned or profiled surface designed to induce two or more alignment states. These states have either a low-pre-tilt (planar) or a high-pre-tilt (homeotropic) and are retained indefinitely after being latched with an appropriate electrical signal.



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LCD backlight

ZEMAX optical design software has the capability to model, analyze, and optimize backlight structures for liquid-crystal displays. The ability to model and ray-trace array structures efficiently is critical to this application. From brightness-enhancement films to micropatterned arrays, ZEMAX has significant flexibility to model any repeating geometry. Very complicated structures may be created by either importing CAD objects or creating boolean objects from several parents. Non-linear array spacings along optionally non-orthogonal axes further enhance this variability. By adding the ability to optimize parameters of these objects, a very powerful tool for designing LCD backlights is available.



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Isotropic and retardation optical films

Optes, Inc., and Zeon Chemicals will showcase its ZeonorFilm® isotropic and retardation optical films at SID 2008. ZeonorFilm has 92% superior transparency, excellent dimensional stability – even in hot and humid environments – and enables wider viewing angles than conventional optical films based on PET, PEN, and TAC. Common applications for ZeonorFilm include polarizers and support films for LCDs, touch-panel displays, and bio-diagnostic devices. Optes will be showing samples of its 45° retardation film at the show.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-2918-8512
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Pizeo inverters

Zippy Technology is the leader in Piezo-Inverter and green power for CCFL, EEFL, and HCFL solutions. Zippy Technology has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and own more than 400 worldwide patents in various key technology segments. Zippy's piezo inverter for LCD backlights has numerous outstanding advantages over conventional inverters for mission-critical applications. Among them are no EMI, 90% ultra-high efficiency, more safety with patented Arc-Protection, balanced sine-wave output and mercury-migration-free to secure the lamp life, –40 to +85°C operating temperature, wide-range flicker-free dimming, and robust open and short protections are most notable and welcome by customers such as Boeing, Barco, FAA (U.S.), and many system integrators.



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Wide-screen projected capacitive touch sensors

Zytronic's recently launched large-format XY controller for its Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) touch sensor products offers greater flexibility for a range of LCD types, including popular wide-screen displays. The new controller includes additional functionality such as palm rejection, and enables accurate touch detection through up to 10 mm of protective cover glass for 4:3 and now 16:9 format screen sizes up to 65 in. on the diagonal. This controller supports a larger range of operating systems, including Vista and Linux, and coupled with the unique durability of PCT touch sensors, offers designers a robust solution for outdoor and public-access digital-signage applications. •