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Big Displays 2007 Business Conference to Explore Commercial Future of Large Electronic Displays and Digital-Signage Networks

by Tony Lowe, Conference Chair

This Big Displays 2007 Conference, which will take place March 22–23 in London, England, marks a major departure for SID as the first major business conference the society has staged in Europe. It will be an intensive two-day event at which senior players from the industry, major suppliers, customers, and investors can meet, do business, and network.

We have deliberately chosen the topic because the electronic-signage industry is starting to take off with predicted annual growth in excess of 30%. Yet, there are some technological and economic barriers to be overcome, so the subject offers an opportunity for robust debate and discussion!

Day 1 will begin by covering worldwide market forecasts by leading analysts from DisplaySearch, iSuppli Corp., and the Nomura Research Institute. Following this, we will hear about the major technologies being supplied into the industry with a focus on where each performs best. The afternoon on Day 1 will cover the economics of Digital Media. There will be a gala dinner for all speakers and attendees in a London restaurant at the end of Day 1 (included in the registration fee).

Day 2 will begin with a look into the future from the perspective of a leading architect who is integrating displays into buildings, and we will explore ways that are unique to digital signage by which display-user interaction can be enhanced. Next, we will come back to the present with sessions addressing what industry wants, what can be delivered, and the issue of signage networks and content delivery. We will conclude by discussing the economics of different funding models.

The speakers have all been invited. We have made great efforts to put together a carefully constructed program, which will maximize the information we can provide to attendees in a two-day period.

For more information on the Big Displays 2007 Conference, visit and look in the "Upcoming SID Conferences" list, or simply visit the conference's dedicated home page,, which offers online registration.

I look forward to seeing you in London in March. •